Funds Available for DACA Fees

Written by Melissa. Posted in Comunicados on 09 January 2021.
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DACA Recipients in Iowa Receive Help Paying Renewal Costs


The Ames Sanctuary Interfaith Partnership (ASIP) is soliciting applications from DACA recipients throughout Iowa who need help paying the $495 DACA Renewal/Application fee.

“Immigrants and their families have been especially hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said David Hansen, co-chair of ASIP. “Their immigrant status makes them ineligible for most assistance programs. Paying the renewal fee is just one way we can support immigrants in our communities during this very difficult time.”

Thousands of dollars have already been released to eligible applicants in Iowa. According to one recent recipient “This year has been tough and to be able to receive the help from ASIP was a blessing.”

To be eligible for the ASIP funds the person must live in Iowa, need financial support for a DACA application or renewal, and complete an application. The application is available at:

For more information contact:
David Hansen at (515) 451-9431 or
Maria Corona at (515) 230-1651

Ames Sanctuary Interfaith Partnership is non-profit affiliation of congregations with a shared vision to support the needs of people who are undocumented and/or asylum-seeking immigrants, and their families


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Author: Melissa

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